Lessons learned from surviving high traffic campaigns 

For our October meeting, Chuck Phillips will present Lessons learned from surviving high traffic campaigns. Chuck is the Chief Technology Officer at Digitaria.

Leading Digitarias diverse group of engineers, Chuck Phillips and his team live to design, develop, manage, and measure some of the most innovative and important systems on the web. Although his primary expertise is in multi-tiered web applications, Phillips has led a diverse range of projects that include desktop applications, embedded systems, and mobile applications. Phillips in-depth knowledge and experience, coupled with his adaptability and intuitive approach, make him an invaluable asset in fulfilling the needs of Digitarias key accounts, including Qualcomm and NBC.

Phillips was a co-founder of the technology solutions company Console Inc. and has been delivering scalable technology solutions to clients for over a decade. Phillips commitment to technology, and invaluable industry insight, has transferred with him to his current role at Digitaria.