Zend Framework Quickstart 

For our August meeting, Utahcon will present a quickstart to the Zend Framework. Every PHP developer should have a firm grasp on a framework as they make light work of heavy projects. The Zend Framework is a great example of what a framework should be; both light and flexible while offering a good structure and strict MVC environment. This presentation will be a walk through and Q&A on the Zend Framework Quickstart, as well as a quick lesson on using Zend_Captcha.

Utahcon is a world renowned PHP developer having worked for companies like Overstock.com, SOS Staffing, GrabTakeout.com, Code Greene and more! Utahcon has been developing in PHP for over 10 years, and still considers himself to be a noob. Join us for a lot of fun and entertainment (possibly at Utahcon’s expense).

Come early for good seatings. We expect the afterparty to be at Applebees at the Gateway again, unless there’s a majority in favor of switching it up.