Anatomy of a PHP Request

For our April meeting, Joseph Scott will be presenting on the Anatomy of a PHP request. Continuing our series for beginners, we have Justin Carmony presenting on PHP Fundamentals.

Ever wondered what really happens when your PHP script runs? Justin cover the major milestones in the life and times of a PHP request (read, parse, compile, execute, output ) and where to look for road bumps along the way. There are lots of tools available to make your PHP purr like a kitten, so I’ll dive into op code caches (with APC),
op code dumps (with VLD – Vulcan Logic Dumper), and profiling (with Xdebug and webgrind). It will be a great time digging a little deeper in to PHP!

Joseph is a California native, living in Utah with his wife and children. He got hooked on email when it meant dialing into a BBS with a 2400 baud modem and ended up memorizing way too much of the AT command set. Access to the Internet changed all that and going to work for an ISP cemented that shift. It also exposed to him to the world of open source, starting with FreeBSD in 1996. From there he spent a number of years in IT doing a little bit of everything. Joseph joined Automattic in 2007, where he focuses on WordPress APIs (XML-RPC/AtomPub), realtime-ish updates (rssCloud/PuSH), themes and stats, and likes to dabble in front and back end
performance hacks.