CSS live coding demonstration 

For our September meeting, our founder, Wade Shearer will present on front-end web development, specifically focusing on markup, styles, and foundation architectural structures. The presentation will be a live coding demonstration developing a global site template using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. He will take an audience-submitted design and produce production-ready code and site assets as far as time and questions will allow. Attendees interested in submitting a design should come to the meeting prepared with a digital copy of artwork for a website or web application (layered Photoshop file preferably). The design used will be selected randomly from those in attendance. A basic understanding of web technology and coding is recommended.

Wade Shearer is a professional graphic artist, interaction designer, and software engineer. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University’s Visual Arts College and an active member of local communities advocating and supporting the arts, computing, and internet technologies. He is the founder and administrator of the Utah PHP Users Group, the Utah Apple Users Group, and the Utah Graphic Artists Forum. You can also find him publishing in the online journals North Temple and Utah Preppers.

Wade is an avid outdoorsman, gardner, and cyclist. He is currently employed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints where he works as a senior interaction designer and user advocate for custom web application development. Previous employment includes Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing and Operations at Omniture, Creative Director at Doba, and Interaction Designer at 3Form. He also consults for clients, offering services such as identity development, brand management, art direction, campaign and collateral design, environmental graphics, and interior design.