Effective caching with PHP + Memcache 

For our August meeting, Justin Carmony presented on effective caching with PHP and memcache. Scaling your Database or other resources your website needs can be complicated. Why not reduce their load instead? That is where memcached can help. Developed by the creators of LiveJournal, memcached is a light weight application that does one thing extremely well: caching data in memory and retrieving it very fast.

Carmony has worked in web development professionally for the last five years. With emphasis on PHP, .NET, and Web Services, he has worked on projects ranging from simple websites to complex communications between thousands of remote systems. He currently is working as an independent contractor & private consultant. If you have any questions, comments, or curiosities you can contact him (justin AT justincarmony DOT com) or read about his latest endeavors at his blog.

View slides from the presentation