@UPHPU on twitter

I just set up an @uphpu on twitter. I @thinbegin have really been loving the twitter lately and think it may be a good augmentation to the mailing list, IRC Channel and WordPress tools that are already set up and being used.

If I have stepped on anyone’s toes in doing this [setting up the UPHPU twitter user], it was unintentional. I just wanted to grab it up before some other organization out there decided that the acronym fit their needs. :) Please, if there is any stubbed toes by my actions, please email me privately and we’ll mend the wound. :)

Of course, any interested twitter users among us should feel free “follow” @uphpu. I really think it would be another great “feed” of communication.

Oh, and feel free to follow me [@thinbegin] too as I post about PHP, amongst other things, regularly. Micro-blogging FTW!!! :)