Introduction to Dojo DHTML toolkit 

For our May meeting, Victor Villa will present on the Dojo DHTML toolkit.

Looking to expand your toolset to include web 2.0 eye candy and killer AJAX functionality? For the average PHP consultant, you face 2 main problem: 1. Server environment changes from job to job and you’re not always able to install software. 2. There are no less than 20 AJAX frameworks out there. What is a code poet to do? Enter Dojo Toolkit – the server-side agnostic solution that rolls out easily, extensible and has a solid developer base that won’t leave you stranded in a couple of years. Dojo is an Open Source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. Dojo allows you to easily build dynamic capabilities into web pages and any other environment that supports JavaScript sanely. You can use the components that Dojo provides to make your web sites more usable, responsive, and functional.